Hiding Apps Popular Among Teens

Disguised as pro-privacy apps, there are many apps out there that, once downloaded and encrypted with a code, can hide photos, videos, messages, emails and apps themselves, from mom and dad. Many will be advertised as “if you let someone use your phone…” you will still have your privacy. These apps are coming out all the time, so it’s impossible to show you each one. Most popular are the apps that look like calculators (and act like one until the user types in the right code). They blend right in with school apps (Edmodo, GoogleChrome, the phone’s own calculator). Others are disguised as audio manager apps, or video manager apps, and could blend in with other “settings” functions on the phone. If your child has one of these apps, most assuredly, they are hiding something, and it’s from you, their parents, not their friends, who might “use their phone.” SEE ALSO IN BE AWARE: photo vault (another hiding app).

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