I was sent a link to your website by a friend.  Your website is great. This is the most comprehensive site of information on responsible social media usage for teens that I have ever seen.  As a Middle School Counselor for 15 years, the challenges have only increased over time in dealing with the realities of misuse of social apps.
Thank you for all of this wonderful information.

We, as the moms of teenage children, have found ourselves concerned and confused about the ever-changing social media landscape. We started doing our own research. What we quickly found out is that most parents don’t do their own research. It’s not that they don’t want to do it (well, yes, there are plenty of parents out there who like to be blissfully ignorant)–it’s just that it is overwhelming. But parents need to know what their kids know about technology. Communication is entirely different today than we were young. We are the first generation of parents who have to confront the social media-teen relationship and the strong pull and influence it has on our children.

But some things never change! Even today, no kid wants it to be “their mom” who spills the proverbial social media secret beans.